Saturday, October 31, 2009

Survival Saturday

Another blog rave

This one evn talks about guns!! Can't wait to show the Hubby!!

This one is called Utah Preppers. Link here. They have links for several other "prepper" sites around the US. Go take a peak and let my know what you think.

A few post I can't wait to take a deeper look at are:

72-kits/evecuation kits

DIY sanitation AKA killing germs

Well tell me what you think. And remeber these people are hard core!!! LOL!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Food Storage Friday

5 Easy Steps to using your Food Storage

1.Figure out what is in your food storage.

Do you have a lot of powdered milk, wheat, rice, beans?

2.Write down a list of the meals that your Family typically eats.

Be sure to include baked good, breakfast and dinner.

3.Look for the ones that you can make simple adjustments to.

Recipes that call for milk are easy to substitute powdered milk to. Taste the same. I keep a container of reconstituted milk in my fridge for cooking purposes.

Do you bake? Try using some whole wheat flour for SOME of the white flour. Pancakes, waffles and cookies are great places to start.

Add rice to your soups, casseroles, and burritos.

4. Start conservative

You have to start out with small amounts of things like wheat. Converting over whole heartedly WILL cause major stomach problems. Take it slow.

Also look at only changing one or two recipes so you do not get overwhelmed. Next week add another and so on.

5.Look for new recipes that use more food storage items.

When looking for new recipes look for ones that have more food storage friendly ingredient lists.

Here are some GREAT food storage recipe sites:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thirfty Thursday

I must send you off to another blog today! I read an AWESOME guest post over at The Bargain Jargon today. While you are there look around. Christy is a bargain guru!!

NEVER judge a book by its cover. Same goes for thrift stores!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Whatever Wednesday

Back into the swing of things.
Well school is in full swing, fair is over, summer produce is done so I now have time to breath...and blog!
Post to watch for:
Where to store those #10 cans!
5 ways to use your food storage and save on groceries.
Quick school morning breakfast ideas.
Decorating for the holidays on a budget.