Wednesday, March 10, 2010

From seeds to starts!

I started with a mini green house ( I accidentally bought the tomato one. You can get smaller ones.), my seeds, and my handy dandy SFG book. This book has all kinds of great information about when to plant and when to start seedlings.

I decided to so cucumbers, beef steak tomatoes, broccoli, and later I added celery.

The green house comes with direction. Thank Goodness!! So I followed them to "pump up" the little planter guys. I did not use the whole tray just a few. Then I planted my seeds.

Next I made a little chart of what I planted. Make sure to add the date!

On the bottom of that same paper I made a very artistic drawing of my outside garden. LOL!! I put what I planted and again made sure to add the date.

As of yet nothing I have planted outside has sprouted. I did how ever find a mystery plant in my other box.

We are pretty sure it may be a bean from last year sad 3 beans from 6 bushes crop. I wish it better luck this year!

Here is my mini green house crop! So stinking cute!!!

Look at those skinny little broccoli plants and those cucumbers.

See those tiny little white flecks in the ones towards the front? Those are my 'mater plants. YEAH!!

No sign of the celery yet....


Jennifer Tenhagen said...

I did mine! I made the mistake of putting them outside before the weather settled, though, and they froze. :( So now I have to start all over. But it's so exciting to see all the cute little sprouts!

Amanda said...

I love how fast they grow. My little tomatoes are already almost an inch tall since yesterday! Crazy!

Sharron said...

You're having better luck than I did last year, congrats!

If I ever get a day or two, I will have get my buns in gear!

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