Saturday, May 22, 2010

Apple Trees

Here is the apple tree we got for our birthdays. A columnar tree grows like a column not big and bushy.

One bonus of a columnar tree is that they grow compactly to the trunk. They are great for a small property. However when ever you buy fruit trees remember that you generally need two. You must have a pollinator.

All About Apples Explore this site. It has a list of all apple varieties. You can look up a local apple nursery and so much more.


StrivingSimply said...

Some fruit trees are self-pollinating. Our peach tree is like that, and is a dwarf. We bought it at the grocery store this spring :o)

Amanda said...

Some are some are not. Just be sure to check out what you are buying and don't put all your trust in the store clerk. LOL!