Thursday, May 20, 2010

WOW where have I been!

No where fun or out of the ordinary that is for sure. I have been sick and busy and then sick some more. Oh joy!

So here is the first of a few little updates.


My garden is having a heck of a time getting started. The Washington weather is crappy right now. We have a few days of near 70 sunny days so we plant. Then we have wind, rain, hail and freezes so everything dies. JOY!!!!

However I have 4 squares of snappy peas planted and sprouting. I have one head of lettuce growing and 3 others that will barely send up sprouts. LOL! All three of my tomatoes look good. ALL of the seeds I started indoors have died. I will try again next year. Oh and my strawberries have have blossoms. I can't wait!! Plus I bought and planted 4 more starts.

My Hubby's mom and dad bought us an apple tree for our birthday so now all we need to get is one more so it can pollinate and get them planted!

I feel like I need to go takes pictures for all of this. The weather literally has been changing by the hour this week. So frustrating!! So if we get a suuny spot vs. a hail spot I will run out!


StrivingSimply said...

I'm glad you're back! Sorry to hear about the garden. You can, quite cheaply, make a faux greenhouse to save your plants. You just need some PVC pipe and plastic dropcloths. Make the pipes into U shapes, then wrap the dropcloths around it. It will protect from some of the issues, though you will have to water yourself. Mrs. Pear from just moved up round about your way, and she said she loves how much the weather changes!

thegirlwiththeplan said...

Ugg to poor weather. We have been having our own as well. My starts couldn't last any longer inside so I went for it outside. I have some of those wall of waters though, and they are keeping things safe from our 30 degree nights. You should take pictures of your little darlings growing soon.

Sharron said...

Welcome back! Missed you, but I also understand. I baby sit grandkids so the end of the school year has been crazy for me as well as everyone else.

This is the year for crazy weather I guess. Mine was so beautiful and then hot than hades . . . back and forth. Now I am fighting to keep everything alive in the blistering sun. got the shade cloth up.

Amanda said...

I know I just need to get outside and just put some effort in. :)

But the minuet I get ready down comes the rian. GRRR!!!